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Welcome to Exactitude, your single source provider for all of your manufacturing and engineering needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to clear and honest communication from the beginning to the end of any project we agree to manage with our valued client base.


Quick Turnaround

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We stand out from the crowd for many reasons, but for us the greatest reason for our fast growing success is our commitment to work side by side with each customer, while delivering your final product on time. Rather than seeing our task as separate from the rest of the company, we strive to approach each job as a partner with our client with an eye to results that increase revenues and improve bottom line profits.With this philosophy in mind, we always strive to deliver your end product in the shortest amount of time possible. While our focus is on a quick turnaround, your final product will reflect both an attention to detail and exceptional quality that we consistently demand of ourselves when working with our valued clients.

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What Our Customers Say

Exactitude has been integral in helping us develop one of our flagship product lines. From concept, through prototyping to full scale production, they were able meet our demanding needs and insure that our products were built to spec and delivered on time. They continually help to support us with our ever changing needs and always display superior customer service.

Exactitude is an excellent supplier. They are fair on price, usually the best bid. They are willing to work with us when we have expedited order requirements; Their quality is superior. I’ve only run into one or two problems over the course of 4 years working with them, and they resolved the issue and put into place corrective actions to prevent similar occurrences. I highly recommend Exactitude.

Exceptional Quality

While the majority of our clients are in our own backyard in the metro Phoenix area, we are also proud to serve companies across the United States. Most recently we had the honor of working with businesses having operations in both California and Texas; with today’s technology and fast and accurate communication systems, we can work effectively both locally and nationally.Whether or not you are in our own backyard or are located outside of Arizona, our model of operation always focuses on creating and delivering exceptional quality products to our customers. We believe in synergetic teaming arrangements. We take the necessary time to review any blueprints or other plans in full detail before proceeding to the production phase. This ensures that your vision and intentions are attained. Nothing satisfies us more than when we WOW our satisfied customers by exceeding their expectations while manufacturing exceptional quality products.


About Exactitude


Exactitude was established in 2007, since that time, we have grown tremendously due to our proactive business model and exceedingly positive reputation in the manufacturing industry. In addition to our specialties of prototyping, product manufacturing and reverse engineering projects, we display great flexibility in order to meet the needs of each individual client with whom we work.We invite you to visit our facility and let us take you on a tour. We believe in an open environment and encourage any questions. We have plenty to offer, so please come by at any time!