At Exactitude we strive to deliver the best services at the most fair and competitive prices. We are proud to have served many leading industries, including the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical, Semiconductor and Commercial sectors.

As a turn-key solutions provider, we are more than capable of taking on full production responsibility, from the nascent stages of development and planning, on to the acquisition of raw materials required to construct a superior, durable and marketable product, all the way through to the final finished and professionally packaged product. Our clients have been extremely pleased to discover that our typical final product delivery well exceeds their initial expectations.

We also emphasize the importance and value of forming a strategic and candid relationship with each client in order to create a safe and encouraging environment for brainstorming and experimenting in the early stage of development and planning.

With our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we are flexible and able to adapt to any specific need as defined by our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to create and manage a highly functioning team of experts in every necessary and relevant field in order to produce and deliver a highly marketable and profitable product for their customer base.

As a privately owned and operated business, we understand bottom line approaches and this expertise and focus is what we bring to your table. We work best when functioning as a strategically aligned partnership with each client. We know each time we deliver a requested product, that is also a work of art and original creativity, we have established another long term client relationship.

Creating proper and positive client relationships is the foundation of our business. The process of offering and delivering superior and professional products at below market prices is our key to success and maximizes your return on investment. Let’s work together to help you boost your bottom line numbers!

Product Manufacturing 

We are proud to have served many leading industries, including the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical, Semiconductor and Commercial sectors. However, keep in mind that we have the flexibility and capacity to work in any industry that is seeking product development services.


Our team of developers are experts in prototyping. Typically our clients realize the importance of building a prototype that serves as a model for testing and experimenting with your intended final product.


Reverse Engineering

Sometimes it is best to take something apart to find out how it ticks. During this process of reverse engineering, many times we uncover new possibilities and unexpected uses that will expand the versatility and overall effectiveness of your product.