Industries Served

At Exactitude, we love challenges and variety. As a result, we have had the privilege of working in multiple industries. Listed below are five of the major industries in which we have worked:


There are many exciting and cutting edge developments occurring in the Aerospace industry. Arizona is one of the few states to have attracted major aerospace companies and Exactitude is honored to have been chosen to manufacture products for major companies in this industry.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry continues to grow and thrive during these difficult economic times. The hard truth is that more energy is needed than ever before and companies inside this industry are constantly being challenged to discover new effective methods of extracting and refining petroleum products. We at Exactitude have been able to forge strategic partnerships with several leading companies in this dynamic and evolving industry.


The Medical field is projected to continue growing by leaps and bounds. Major breakthroughs are regularly announced that have helped to both save and enhance the lives of individuals with medical needs. At Exactitude, we work assiduously to help medical firms and organizations in the development of needed equipment and products.


The Semiconductor industry continues to spread its influence and value throughout many other businesses. The United States continues to dominate and develop new devices and processors, while remaining at the forefront of this $300 billion dollar industry and Exactitude is excited to be able to participate and contribute to this growing field.


Although the Commercial industry is very broad and general, Exactitude has established itself as an innovator and contributor to this wide-ranging industry. We welcome the many opportunities that have been brought to us and excel in delivering top quality results for companies in this field.