Exactitude - Product Manufacturing - Mesa, AZA prototype is an early model, or sample, of a particular product that is constructed to test a specific process, concept or can also be used to replicate a certain item in order to better understand its use and functions. While the word “prototype” originates from the Greek and means “primitive form” we seek to construct fully functional prototypes to fully test all aspects of a given product.

Many times, when a client comes to us with an idea that needs to be developed into a functional product, the use of a prototype can reduce overall costs by giving us the ability to analyze a specific design in the early stages to make sure it can function as initially desired and designed. Another great value of developing a prototype is to use it to measure consumer interest and demand prior to launching a full-scale production.

One way that a prototype can reduce costs is by substituting expensive materials with other materials that cost less but have similar properties to the intended final product. You can think of a prototype as a less expensive model of the real thing, which can then be used to thoroughly test the design and functionality prior to initiating a complete production build.

At Exactitude, we offer great flexibility and creativity when developing a prototype for our clients. Before we even begin building the prototype, we will have several interviews and brainstorming sessions to ensure that we fully understand the intention and vision of the client. Throughout the phase of prototype development, we will remain in close contact with our customer and encourage their active participation and input at every crucial stage.

Once the prototype has been developed, tested and approved, we will continue to work and advise our clients during the full-scale production phase.